Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cosmeceutique Natural Face wash

Hello beauties! Today I am going to review Cosmeceutique Natural Face wash. I was pleased and excited to find a Pakistani brand claiming international standard natural products. Was even more excited when I found that Mahnoor Baloch is their brand ambassador, she has ever been my beauty legend. Thus, I ordered their Face wash and sunscreen.

Cosmeceutique says:
The perfect daily care for all skin types. Safe, natural and soap-free formulation, which not just cleanses the skin, but also helps in preventing common skin ailments by:
• Regulating sebum, which if produced in excess may cause acne
• Demonstrating effective antibacterial action
• Providing antioxidant support to skin

I say:
After the first wash, I felt my skin clean and oil free. Mine is a combined skin, with area around lips and temples very dry. I noticed that the dry areas have turned drier but the results were promising on oily areas ie, cheeks, T zone and chin. 

The fragrance of the face wash is kind of fruity and colour is baby pink; good for a kick-start day!

Yes/No:  YES! If you have an oily skin. It will rejuvenate your skin, regulate the oils and make your skin feel clean yet hydrated.
NO! If you have a combined skin like that of mine since it's a bit hard on dry areas but I see myself turning to it during summers when the whole skin turns to an oil drill. 

Pocket Matters:
I ordered it online and it costed me PKR 280 which is very reasonable. 

Brand: Cosmeceutique
Product Type: Facewash
Quantity: 100 ml
Price: PKR 280
Pros: Light, oil controlling, natural.
Cons: not for all skin types (eg combination skin)
You can check them at

Anuone else tried this one yet? Share your views and *SHINE* :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Tips for healthy skin!

The trend of spending much money on cosmetics of all types is in vogue but ladies! what matters is the inner health. Your healthy skin means a