Sunday, 15 January 2012

Karaja Paint Stick.

I came across Karaja Paint Stick when I saw one of my friends with a kinda dull skin wearing a glowing complexion and I couldn't help asking the foundation she was using which she told was Karaja Paint Stick.
I also got one for myself but to be honest I had reservations as to how would it come along.. So far I am happy with my find. The name has "paint" in it but applying it hasn't given that ''painting'' kinda look to my face but a very natural one.
The shade I got is 3W. 
It looked alarmingly white as a swatch.

..... but on blending it was just my right skin tone. I have a wheatish complexion towards a bit of fair side and the yellow undertone in the stick blended well with my it and here's what I got. Matte, Natural and Blended.
In the picture below, just  have a keen eye and you can see that I have applied the stick onto my hand but not on wrist. there is no sharp contrast in the color of hand and wrist. The stick has not made my skin any whiter but has given a clean finish to the skin. Just don't mind that childhood scar on my hand. ;)

So, in a nutshell I recommend this paint stick. Since my T Zone is very oily so the only draw back I encountered was that in around 2 hours, my T Zone got very shiny and highlighted and I had to smother it down with my face powder. I wore it for 6 hours and it stayed fresh, didn't cake up or form layers. I felt it a bit heavy on my face but it was tolerable. It blended it with my fingertips and it was a bit tricky but as you see, it came up well.

I recommend it for a fresh, natural, matte look for those who have normal skin. Its GOOD for Combination/Oily skin for evening out but not during day when sunshine can make and then, oily skin oilier and applying face powder off and on  is a hassle, I understand.

Pocket Matters:
I bought it for PKR 510 but have seen variable price on different stores. Just add or subtract 20. 

Brand: Karaja
Product Type: Foundation stick. Price: PKR 510
Pros: Natural, Blends well, Matte
Cons: Takes a bit of effort for blending.
Oily skin/areas get oily in like 2 hours and matte finish/ look is lost.