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Jergens Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Mosturizer

I attended a grooming workshop lately and the expert couldn't emphasize enough on the use of exfoliator for a healthy skin. I did a bit of homework on the use of exfoliation and since then was on the look out for a good one. A month ago I got hold of Jergens Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Mosturizer and I am very-very-very happy with the effects.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy skin brightening daily facial wash.

Today I am going to review my SUMMER CRUSH...
To be honest, the colour of the product attracted me when I was about to pick my regular-time tested face wash. 
I bought it for two reasons. 
1. I trust products by Johnsons and Johnsons. (Makers of clean and clear range)
2. It claimed to be oil free- good for my combination skin. 

Clean and Clear says: 
Oil free with bursting beads, clean and Clear Morning energy wakes you up and brightens your skin. Enriched with Lemon and Papaya extracts.
It has a gentle formula which is enriched with Papaya and Lemon extracts to gently foam as you wash.  

I say:
The product has a unique Citrus-Papaya smell. I expected it to be more lemony but its more on the papaya side.  It has fine, yellow beads which are mentholated and after applying it gives a COOOOOOOL sensation to your face which makes this face wash a perfect "Morning Energy Facewash."It has very fine shimmer which I feared would stick to my skin making me a disco ball but it didn't happen. This shimmer gives that glitz and sheen  to the product. See for yourself.

After 2 weeks of use, I didn't have any breakouts. It gives good lather and my skin feels hydrated. Since I have combination skin, any oil free face wash leaves the area around my lips very dry but this product hydrated the area where as oily T zone and cheeks were clean and oil free. However if your skin is very oily, this is not the right product for you. It cleanses your face, its oil free but its not "oil regulating", I change the Face wash in those days when my skin becomes very oily and greasy.

Pocket Matters:
I bought it for PKR 550 which is a fair deal and I guess I'll go for it again especially in summer.

Brand: Clean and Clear
Product: Clean and Clear Morning Energy skin brightening daily facial wash.
Quantity: 150 ml
Price: PKR 550
Pros: Light, refreshing, oil free
Cons: Not for very oily skin.

Are you also a fan of Clean and Clear products? Share your views and *Shine*!! <3