Friday, 29 June 2012

A lovely haul at Clinique~

Who doesn’t love a beauty bonus, eh?

Clinique produces high-end, quality cosmetics but are not available in Pakistan. 3-4 times a year they offer seasonal bonuses which are great grabs. This Clinique deal was bought back in February. It was available at Clinique counter in my sis’s university in USA.  If you had the voucher, you would get the bonus bag (and enclosed cosmetics within) when you shop worth $30. 

Here's what she bought:

  • Lid smoothie (8-hour eye color )
  • Skincare pack for dry/combination skin. Included clarifying lotion, moisturizing lotion, liquid facial soap 

Here's what was included in the bonus bag:

  • Take the day off - makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips (1.7 FL. OZ) Read the review here
  • All about eyes - de-puffing eye massage (.17 FL. OZ)
  • Soft-pressed powder blusher in new clover (.11 OZ)
  • Lash doubling mascara in black (.14 OZ)
  • Different lipstick in Different Grape (Full Size)
  • Long last lipstick inPink Spice (Full Size)

I’ve had the stuff for more than a month now, been using it but haven’t tried all of the products yet. Don’t you wanna know how the stuff turned out? I’ll be reviewing them soon. 

And yes, I bought other stuff, too, that is not available here in Pakistan but on a second thought, I'll review it for my friends from other countries. I’ll review as soon as I get time.

Stay tuned & Shine!!! <3


  1. Thanks for the comment! Nice blog! I am now following you, too.

    1. Welcome artfreak.
      Thanks for liking the blog. Hope to hear from u every now and then.

      Love! <3

  2. awesome haul
    i have never shopped from Clinique bt the fact dat Clinique gives samples on every purchase intrigues me always :)

    suggestion - please deactivate the image verification bfr commenting

    1. Thanks a lot Vish. Yes, I am also carried away by samples. Aren't they so cute?

      Thanks for the suggestion but I haven't activated it. I guess that's a security check by google blogger which comes as default. I'll still check with it. :) :)

      Hope to keep hearing from you.

      Love! <3

  3. No free samples in Pak make me sad....Good post :)

    1. Yes Areej, You are right. Given the huge market in Pakistan now, I hope they start off with free samples.

      The bonus bag I got doesn't have samples but full fledge miniature products which are also available on sale. I got ample samples from Sephora,too, including fragrance testers and it was quite a treat!

      Thanks for liking the post. Hope to keep hearing from you.. :)

  4. I love the butterfly print bonus bag you got! Too cute! And thank you so much for the comment and for following my blog!! I am following you back with pleasure!!
    A's Fashion Files

    1. Welcome to my blog, Allison.
      Isn't the bonus bag too cute? :)

      Hope to keep hearing from you. <3