Friday, 6 July 2012

Blue Heaven Xpression Kajal

When I say "BEST BARGAIN"..  I mean this Arabian Kohl I spotted at a local market on my last trip to UAE . I tried it just like that on my hand and OoOo'o la la! I bought 2 at once. One for myself and the other for my sisters back home. Don't believe me when I say it's so pigmented? Have a look and decide for yourself!

Here's how it is packaged..  

And look at this swatch? Can it be more pigmented? 

Here it is opened.. Notice the cute mirror on its case? :)
Too many pictures han? Ok.. Let's get to the review.. 
This Kajal is made by Blue Heaven which is a company based in India.

Blue heaven says: 

Specially formulated KAJAL with the combination of some exotic herbal extracts to offer
Non Smudging
Resistant to perspiration.
Safe to use & no irritation
Easy to apply

I say:
The thing which surprised me even before trying it on was its very nice-faint-herbal smell. As I applied it, it glided soooo smoothly on my eyes. I applied it regularly for 3 days to my work place and I found it non smudging as the product description says. It's a perfect matte black and for those who go for a matte but High Definition eye liner, this has to be the perfect pick! 
I had some reservation if I might have an allergic reaction as the product description generally states "Herbal extracts" in the ingredients but no where on the website or packaging could I find which herbs are used. I did a patch test on my arm for a day and only after nothing happened, I applied it on my eyes. I didn't use it as a Kajal/Kohl but as an eye liner.
Coming to the downside, is is not as easy to remove as it is to apply. I removed it with the help of my Pond's Make-up remover and it took me 5 minutes or so each time I removed it. 

Over view:
Brand: Blue heaven
Product: Blue Heaven Xpression Kajal
Price: $ 6.00
Weight: 3.5 grams
Website: Blue heaven
Where to buy: Ebay
High definition, highly pigmented, ultra soft and smooth, easy to apply, non smudging
Cons: Very difficult to remove
Rating: I give it 3/5


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