Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Rose

Hello beauties..!! Here I come with a review of a lipstick that's my makeup partner on the go for 2 weeks now.. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Rose

Elizabeth Arden says:
This lustrous, color-saturated lipstick is infused with Volulip™ and delivers brilliant, moisturizing, color-lasting comfort shine, for plumper, fuller-looking lips. Lips look fuller, more defined ... and feel youthfully smooth, soft and nourished. Ceramide Triple Complex helps strengthen and re-texturize skin's appearance, holding in vital skin-plumping moisture. Lips look fuller and younger. Contours seem more defined.
Features and Benefits:
Ultra-brilliant color, radiant shine, and lips feel moisturized for up to 20 hours.
Infused with Volulip™, a new ultra-plumping agent
so that lips appear fuller and more plumped.
Reduces appearance of vertical lines on lips, and soothes, protects, and preserves lips.
Plumps lips with moisture-enriched pigments.

The Ceramide Ultra Lipstick case makes a luxurious fashion statement. Embossed with a design inspired by the iconic Elizabeth Arden Red Door, this sleek column of richly- textured golden metal is a precious accessory meant to be seen and admired.

The lipstick is a part of this collection. As for the collection, I love it as it has a variety of very much wearable colors. Although the colors are not very variable, but since I mostly go for peaches and pinks, I like this collection.
Now coming to the product... Starting with packaging. The lipsticks you see on the website have a gold casing. Mine is black since I got it in a special offer; here. You can see my Elizabeth Arden bag in the background. ;) 

The lipstick is named Ceramide ultra Lipstick.
For starters, Ceramides are moisture retaining compounds of the human cells. A product rich in Ceramide prevents drying and moisturizes the skin.

The best thing about the lipstick is that it's so smooth that it stays for about 3 hours on lips withput a lip primer and an easy 6 hours with a primer.
By the end of my 6 hours long working day; it started fading but it faded decently and evenly.It didn't fade to give those ugly looking blotches of dry skin on lips. It's really moisturising and softening and keeps up to its name of an "Ultra Ceramide Lipstick". You might be thinking that since its is  moisturizing and smooth, it will be glossy but No, it's a little bit on the matte side. So, if you are a working lady and go for a decent lipstick which is mosturizing as well as non-glossy; this is the perfect choice for you. The pigmentation is opaque and you get ample color in just one swipe.  Have a look! :)

I am not wearing any gloss in here.. :)

The lipstick is priced $22.50 at the Elizabeth Arden Official Website.. Converting the price to PKR (according to Dollar rate as a I write this post) gives it a tag of around PKR. 2122 which is............................ expensive!!

Now coming to the promises Elizabeth Arden made and if I found them true.. :)
1. Lips look fuller and younger.
ummmn.. the lips didn't appear fuller and it has no plumping effect at all but I can say younger because of the smoothness and moisturizing property.
2. Contours seem more defined.
I would attribute this property to the Ceramide formula as the lipstick stays faithfully and does not ward off jere and there making the contours defined.
3. Advanced treatment ingredients.
That of course, is Volulip™ Ceramide Triple Complex
4. Moisture-enriched pigments
I can vouch for this since it left my lips feeling moisturized and smooth.

Brand: Elizabeth Arden
Product: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick
Price: $22.50
Pros: Smoothing, softening, good staying power, doesn't blotch/flake out, opaque, easy to remove.
Cons: Expensive

You may like it: If you don't compromise on quality and you are ready to pay if you are getting what you want. 
You may not like it: If you like quality but at the same time want to stay in budget. (just like I did here) ;) ;) 

What do you think of the review? Are you a fan of Elizabeth Arden products? Any other product by EA you used and loved? .....
Feel free to comment. Your comments mean a lot to me. 

Love!! <3


  1. You are right...The shade is so pretty, perfect for working ppl.... from where did you buy it??

    1. Hello Farah. I bought a promotion deal from an online store. This is the post..

  2. it's beautiful.. but PKR 2100! :/

    1. Yes sweetheart! PKR 2100/- only.. :)

  3. Very gorgeous shade! I want it because Its very elegant and sophisticated (if thats howw you spell it) I followed you a while ago btw! Hehe xx

    1. Welcome to my blog Sammy! :)
      Oh yes! the shade is too awesome and too practical.. yet elegant and
      SO-PHIS-TI-CA-TED.. you spelled it right. <3

      Thanks for joining my blog. Hope to keep hearing from you.
      stay blessed! :)

  4. Color is really pretty i have the same color, but in different brand

    1. wow sadee! Which brand? Send me the link if you have reviewed.. would love to have a look. :)

  5. Nice color!
    Thanks for your comment and follow :)