Wednesday, 29 August 2012

24 shade Pro Immaculate Collection Palette by Makeup Academy

Here comes an eyeshadow palette that's certainly a winner with me for obvious reasons. MUA Immaculate Collection Palette

MUA says: 

MUA Pro's fantastic collection of 24 highly pigmented eye shadows with both matte and shimmer finish to suit every tone and taste. This must have beauty bargain offers ladies a unique palette containing a selection of the hottest new A/W fashion forward eye shadows as well some of MUA’s best selling much loved shades from brown shimmer tones to nude and natural hues.

I say:
One thing I admire about this palette is that its a very well thought-well selected palette where all the 24 colours are very practical which you need for everyday use. It's definitely not one of those palettes where you use some shades and the others lie untouched and unused for years. Again, practical because it has  both matte and shimmer shades so I can always trust it and keep it in my bag on the go for a work day and dramatic night looks. It doesn't fall out on application except for black (shade 4) and copper (shade 21)
It comes in a neat plastic packaging, not very durable though but handy and sleek. It comes with a long, dual ended foamed applicator which is fairly good and picks up the product easily.
The shades are powdery but creamy in texture however matte shades are a bit tricky to blend.

The backside of the palette shows the shade numbers. I would have liked if they had given names to shades but that's Ok!

Coming to pigmentation, the shimmer shades are super pigmented whereas the matte shades are a bit on the dull side yet buildable. Here are the swatches (2 swipes applied without a primer)

Now the downside.. they DO NOT last for more than 3 hours and start fading away after that, therefore a primer/eyeshadow base is highly recommended. However with a Primer thet stayed for good 8 hours on me.

Pocket matters:
With a price tag of £8.00, I'll call it a steal. You can get it from MUA website here
If you live in Pakistan, it's available on for PKR1300 here
My lil sis won this in a giveaway at Colors of Fashion  so I didn't have to buy this item out of my wishlist.

Last word:
I would highly recommend this palette to those who are on the lookout for a pocket friendly, good quality, practical and everyday eye shadow palette because this palette is all that and yeah!! matte and shimmer shades come together as a bonus.

Now for a look I have created using this..

Brand:  Makeup Academy
Product: Immaculate Collection Palette

  • Great choice of colours 
  • Contains both shimmer and matte shades   
  • Extremely pigmented shimmer shades
  • Pocket friendly


  •  Doesn't last long without a primer   
  • Shimmery shades(2, 14 and 21) fall out a bit.
  •  Matte shades are not well pigmented so need to be build up 
  • Matte shades are tricky to blend

Price: £8.00 / PKR 1300
Official website:


  1. i am a big fan of this palette. but fallout can snatch me back.. BUT 1300/- is a steal

  2. That's one great palette.

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and of course following you back now. Come visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  3. Awesome!! xx :) Lovely colours!

  4. i ordered this cant waittttt

  5. So many colours to choose from! Lots of pretty shades in there :) It's too bad they don't really last long without a primer, but at least with a primer they last 8 hours.

  6. Just about to buy this! Check out my blog?

  7. seems good for a starter like me