Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sephora Collection Summer Harmony Gloss-Review and Swatches

If you are a person like me who is taken away by nice packaging, you'll definitely go insane to get this beauty; named Sephora Summer Harmony Gloss as I did.

Upon opening, it comes like this
Notice the cute, lil mixing pot on the above left side. If you don't clean the brush after every use, you'll end up with a messy mirror. The packaging is travel friendly and durable. 
The shades are not named but numbered from left to right
and here's the brush

I was very excited with the range of colours offered by the palette when I bought it in May. It starts from orange and ranges to peach, coral, candy pink, red orange and hot red. The feature which excited me was the mixing pot to play with colours and make new shades but here's what I say after 2 months of use..
 If you are applying it for colour, it wouldn't work as the colour pay off is very weak and that's where I was disappointed because that peach/coral/ and orange was so tempting..
 Its very shiny and gives an almost transparent sheen to lips when applied alone or over a lipstick. Very shimmery yet very natural!
 I had a little tingling sensation on my lips on applying but it didn't have a plumping effect. It is moisturising and soothing. Doesn't stay for more than 2 hours when applied alone. It is sticky and since its sticky, it made my lipsticks last longer for an extra hour but you may not like it if you hate stickiness.
Here are the colours in the palette and the swatches 

and here's how it looks on me.. notice the poor colour pay off which is almost transparent but the irresistible shine. 

  I had high expectations from this palette considering my experience with Sephora Lip Attitude Lipstick! but this time it was a 50/100!!
Brand: Sephora

Product: Summer Harmony Gloss
Pros: Shimmery, moisturising, easy to carry around. 
Cons: Poor colour pay off, sticky, doesn't last long
Price: $12
Official website:

So ladies! that was from my side for this gloss palette, do you own some other cosmetics from Sephora? What was your experience?
Do hit back, your comments make my day! :)



  1. I always see these in Sephora near the registers, but I was afraid they'd be exactly what you said-sticky and clear. It's a shame because those orange shades are so lovely looking in the pot. Great review!

  2. Yeal, you are right, colour pay off is really poor, can't see any hint of colour in the two lip swatches. No, I have never bought anything from sephora itself coz of the not so good reviews about most of their products.

  3. The package is nice I am always happy with my purchases from sephora, I have only really purchased Lorac bronzer, bare minerals foundation, and the viva la juicy roll on fragrance from Sephora I am new to shopping there

  4. The packaging is really cute, and the colours look lovely in the packaging, it's just a shame about the colour payoff! They could have been really lovely colours, great review :) x

  5. Have fun with it dear!

  6. wow thanks for this honest review!! i've had my eye on this palette for a while now, but after reading your thoughts, I think I'll pass... I always appreciate a blog post that saves me from wasting my $$ :)))

    1. Thanks for liking my review, Maryam! :)
      I am so happy the post saved u from draining the $$ <3


  7. very nice orange shades xoxo
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