Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nivea Waterlily and Oil Shower Gel

If you get body acne due to dryness and you have to slather your body into moisturizer during even humid summers.. if your body is oily at some places and dry on some at the same time; you stand with me!
This was my problem until I found Nivea Waterlily and Oil Shower Gel..

I never knew how does waterlily smell like before I used it. I am not a floral fragrance person but I liked the product because its smell is very light and soothing.  By now, I am in love with the fragrance!!!

I was a bit skeptical about the oil part as I thought it would leave my skin greasy but I am happy it was just a doubt. My skin was clean, fresh, hydrated and smooth after the very first use.

As for the consistency, I won't call it a gel.. urmm..  If you are more for shower gels as compared to shower creams, don't expect much. It's a thick liquid but for sure; not a gel! Don't miss the cute lil yellow oil beads which make it an ultimate hydrating-non drying body wash

Overall, I am very happy I discovered this shower gel and picked it off the rack.

Brand: Nivea
Product: Nivea Waterlily and Oil Shower Gel
Pros: Hydrating, Cleansing, Pleasant floral fragrance, non drying.
Cons: It's not a gel even when it says so. (If that's a con)
Price: It's for $2.97 on Walmart and for £2.49 on Boots
As I didn't buy it from Pakistan, I'm not sure of its price in PKR

Do you have an oily-dry body? Have you found your dream body wash? Which is your fav body wash of all times?
Hit back with a comment, I love you all.. <3


  1. This sounds incredible! I love Nivea products and I'll have to look into this.

  2. This seems very promising,will definitely try it. :)

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  7. i have never tried this product before, but i've seen it! i really do like that brand.

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  8. I love using Shower gels
    Never tried Nivea's
    i will definitely try this one

  9. Sounds like a good product! Nice Review :)

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  20. Interesting product. A must-try.
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  21. Great review! Thanks for sharing :) xo akiko
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  22. Great post! I am always wondering what good shower gels are. Love the polka-dots on your blog! :)

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  25. I like this shower gel, it smells nice:)

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