Friday, 7 September 2012

NOTD- Etude Power Lasting

I am not a metallic nail color person but bought this shade since I couldn't resist this silvery green and it is.... Etude Power Lasting Nail Color.

Its pretty opaque. The color you see on my nails was achieved after one coat without a primer. You can apply 2 or 3 coats to have a more solid color. 
The thing I love about it is the very fine and tiny shimmer, almost like star dust. 
It started chipping off in 8 days, I'm not sure if I'll call it power lasting. 

It doesn't have a shade name to it but a number, I would have liked if it had a cool name to it. 

Overall I love this nail color. Its metallic, shimmery, reasonably priced at PKR 250 and lasts for a fair time. The color is more greener in real, Its the bright day light which is making it appear more silver in the pics.
The only turn off is that it leaves the shimmer on nails after removing it which takes a hand wash or two to completely get rid of.
What do you say?! Share your experience with Etude Power Lasting with me.

I love you all.. <3


  1. such a pretty color! pretty good for only one coat!

  2. I am looking for very metallic gold shade.may be i will try this one.thanx for sharing.keep up the good work :-)

    1. I am not a gold person but found this shade very practical to sport. Thanks for the encouraging words. <3

  3. from the 8th standard I am crazy for silver metallic colors.. so I am going to like this post

  4. Loooove silver nail polishes for fall! :)))

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  10. I love it!!

  11. Thank you for your comment and what a cute color! :)

  12. Wow a lovely colour! :)

  13. Such a pretty colour...and I'd quite like a lasting shimmer haha

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  14. im loving this color on you!!
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    Rikki xx

  15. Love the color, very pretty! I'll have to look for it the next time I'm shopping.

  16. this is a cool color -- it's not exactly mint, not exactly pistachio, but definitely something in between!! I like!!

  17. lovely colour :)

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