Sunday, 28 October 2012

Review and swatches. Sleek - Hide It Concealer

Here's my experience with Sleek hide it Concealer.
Sleek Says: 
Hide It Concealer
Blend away imperfections and blemishes with Hide it Concealer. The rich, creamy formula allows for incredibly easy application, perfect for concealing under eye circles and blemishes.

I say:
Starting with the packaging, it's a sturdy, sleek, twist up cylinder.

I got it in 01 which initially I thought is way to light for me but upon use it was okay and went well with my complexion which is Asian wheatish. I didn't have many shade options when I was buy it from so I just picked it up; otherwise I would have gone for a slightly darker shade.

Smell is like crayons and I hate it but the good thing is that I doesn't linger on and diminishes after a while. It is SPF 15 which is a plus!
It has a creamy texture and blends easily but has a strong tendency to crease around eye area and that's the reason I don't use it for blemishes on my pore-full cheeks as it digs in the pores.
Now coming to business; I first tried it on my problematic eye area. Although it provides light coverage and turns my inner eye area grayish, it highlights the eye area and helps in decreasing that tired look.

 Do u notice how it highlights my eye area in pics?
It's pretty good for blemishes and scars. I don't have redness on my face so i'm not sure about if it'll work for that but I guess it will. Despite tries  couldn't get a nice picture of blemishes on my face so here's one I took after applying it on a scar on my hand.. hope that helps.

Final verdict: 
It will only work if you want to hide light imperfections; its not that heavy business concealer. Despite being creamy its a light coverage concealer with a horrible crayon like smell. Works average on dark circles if they are not very dark since it turns very dark eye circles into grey which looks horrible. It works well on blemishes and scars; again if they are not very dark. 

Brand: Sleek
Product: Hide It Concealer
Pros: Hides blemishes and scars, blends easily, highlights the eye area
Cons: Horrible crayon like smell, sets into creases and pores, only for light coverage, turns heavily dark eye area into grey. 
Price: Bought it for PKR 600 from
Available at for $4.49

Did you ever try this concealer? Was your experience any different? Which is the best concealer you have used so far? Which is the worst?
Hit back with a comment! I love you all. xoxo


  1. i m a big fan of sleek products too ! :) thanx for the informative review !

  2. Hmmm...I think I'll pass on this one. I prefer heavy duty concealers. Thanks for the review.
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  3. I was expecting bit more from this concealer.. you saved my money... But I have to serach more for best one...
    Nice Review

  4. you saved my money!!!indeed!

  5. i might give this a miss after this review, shame though as sleek products are normally quite good, thanks for the review.

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  6. ohh glad i read this before purchasing it! i was very interested in it

  7. Thanks for the review! I am terrible when it comes to beauty products so I can use the the help I can get1 I'm so happy you stopped by my blog! I am following you now because I absolutely adore yours! :)
    xoxo Darby

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  8. I really like creamy concealers for under eye area, i would skip this one :)

  9. thnx for honest review

    missing u on my blog

  10. I have tried many stick concealers. This one sure seems like a waste of money. Thanks for sharing :) x

  11. it really works