Sunday, 9 December 2012

Romance by Rasasi

Have you been searching for the most perfect night fragrance for a mellow night out. Well! I'll share my thing with you!! That was my latest pick.. Romance by Rasasi.

Rasasi says: 
Romance Feminine Eau De Parfum 45ml
Romance is for the woman who loves to explore the world of fantasy who likes to take a voyage to far beyond, it is for the naturally shining woman who enjoys life and fun. Fresh and sparkling top notes lead to a sumptuous bouquet of rose and jasmine,harmoniously combined with the fruity, woody, powdery notes in the dry down.

I say:
This has become one of my favorite night fragrances and yeah!! favorite for those cloudy, windy days. This is an amazing and deep floral/woody fragrance. Very feminine and very natural.
Its long lasting and my clothes have that light hint of fragrance even after being washed.
Give it a try, trust you won't regret.
It costed me around $25 (PKR 2500 app) as I am in Middle East for now but the price may vary from country to country.

Official Website:

Have you tried some other perfume by Rasasi or do you own Romance? How was your experience? Hit back.. I love reading your comments


  1. Love how cute the bottle is and it is pocket friendly as well! Great pick!

  2. I love perfumes with rosy or tuberose notes . The packaging of this is so unique :)

  3. rasasi perfumes smell sweet n exotic.great review

  4. Really like the look of the bottle. x

  5. love the cute bottle thank you for the review

  6. 7 yrs back i was craY about this perfume reminde me of my skool life. Lol