Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rimmel - Kate Lasting Finish Matte

I grabbed this prettily packaged lipstick as soon as the collection was out and I have been eager since to share my experience about this much raved product with my beauties..

The first and foremost thing is this pretty-pretty-pretty red packaging with Kate Moss's signature on it. This packaging is the exact reverse of the former collection which was black packaging with signature in red color. 
Now coming to its performance. It glides on smooth and has a nice, creamy texture. It's creamy when applied but later sets to a satin-like finish.. I won't call it a "matte" lipstick though. Although it is creamy in texture, it's not in properties. You need to moisturize your lips before you apply it otherwise it'll give that feathery look. Its staying time is 4-5 hours without much eating. It started fading here and there after 4 hours but even after 6 hours the color won't go totally off  my lips until I properly removed it. I would count it as a disadvantage as my lips looked stained after the lipstick started fading. On the whole, the most promising highlight of this lipstick/range is the excellent pigmentation. You get a bright color payoff with just a single swipe

Just in case you are wondering, I have the lipstick in shade 109. I didn't find it in the range of 5 colors on Rimmel Website but I saw that 110 was exactly the same as my shade (109). I wrote to the Rimmel website but as I didn't get any reply for a month, I decided to review this lovely lipstick today. Upon googling, I found out that many fellow bloggers who have reviewed lipsticks from this collection faced the same problem.  

Here's a swatch

..and now, here's how it looks on me!!
Brand: Rimmel
Product: Rimmel - Kate Lasting Finish
Pros: Long lasting, excellent pigmentation, creamy texture, easy to apply.
Cons: stains the lips as it fades, feathery if lips are dry
Price: I bought it for 32 AED which amounts to around 865 PKR

Do you own a lipstick from this collection? If so, is your experience any different from mine? Do hit back with a comment.

I love you all!! xoxo


  1. oo such a pretty shade, looks lovely on the lips! xx

  2. I think the colour looks just beautiful. It sounds like a great idea. I will have to try it sometime!

  3. color is beautiful but i want bit dark color in rimmel
    nice review :)

  4. nice pick.Normally this shade is not for me but I think I can give it a try.great post

    1. sure do that.. Like my other lip colors.. I mix and match this one with my other lip colors too. :)

  5. i love kate moss lipsticks , welcome to blogging :)

  6. I think i like the packaging more than the actual lipstick;)

  7. Gorgeous shade!

  8. Gorgeous! I love how it goes on so smooth- not like a harsh matte lipstick. It looks gorgeous on you! Love the color.

  9. that color is gorgg ive been hearing alot about these have yet to find them :/

  10. What an amazing packaging!!
    I'll definitely grab this beauty whenever I get a chance :)

  11. nice shade! i wanna try the 106 from this line:) following you now xx

  12. Just joined you. and I was going through your blog and I think this is the most amazing lipstick review you have done. I'm definitely going to try it out.
    Don't forget to join my blog as well.