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Health Check # 1- Antiperspirant or Deodorant?

As summers draw near, all of us bring about a change in the beauty and self grooming products we choose. . Another remarkable change is the replacement of heavy, musk-y, amber-y perfumes by light floral, fruity, citrus deodorants, body splashes and antiperspirants and here's where we make room for a very big health disaster. I knew in general how antiperspirants clog the sweat pores but a lil' bit of research has given me a jolt and there goes my detailed post on ANTIPERSPIRANT or DEODORANT?!

'Deodorants are substances applied to the body to affect body odor caused by bacterial growth and the smell associated with bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet and other areas of the body. '
They do not stop sweating, they only stop the smell of sweat by neutralizing the body odor caused by bacterial action with sweat

Antiperspirants, as the name indicates stop the production of sweat.
'An astringent preparation for reducing perspiration, usually containing aluminum or zirconium and used to prevent body odor and clothing stains.'
Now, it has been noted that people who tend to sweat a lot go for Antiperspirants to avoid the staining of clothes. The prolonged use of APs causes clogged pores in armpits which may further result in inflammation and infection of pores and sweat glands.

Here the million $ question is Antiperspirant or Deodorant? 

The health effects of antiperspirants are a matter of dispute regarding their extent. A small percentage of people are allergic to aluminium and may experience contact dermatitis when exposed to aluminium-containing deodorants.After using a deodorant containing zirconium, the skin may develop an allergic, axillary granuloma response. Antiperspirants with propylene glycol, when applied to the axillae, is irritating and may promote sensitization to other ingredients in the antiperspirant. Deodorant crystals containing synthetically made potassium alum were found to be a weak irritant to the skin. Alcohol-free deodorant is available for those with sensitive skin. Aluminium is one of the few abundant elements that appears to have no beneficial function to living cells (non-essential metal).  Frequent use of deodorants was associated with blood concentrations of the synthetic musk galaxolide.

Anti-perspirants contain aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to causing Alzhiemers disease and breast cancer. When you shave your underarms and then apply anti-perspirant you are exposing your body to the aluminum which is leaking through the broken skin and travelling through the lymphatic and nervous system. The aluminum works to inhibit the growth of bacteria which causes body odor. Anti-perspirants also contain toxic chemicals such as parabens. When a person uses anti-perspirant, they are clogging their pores. In order to release toxins in the body, the body needs to sweat. Sweating also helps the body cool down. If these toxins have nowhere to go, then they build up in your system and invade healthy cells, causing your immune system to break down. Deodorant is better than anti-perspirant in one way which is that it will reduce body odor without clogging the pores. Deodorant however still has many toxic chemicals.

The problem with antiprespirants is that they use aluminum, which is toxic, and gets into your body through the armpits, and then causes a whole myriad of diseases. A more minor problem someone mentioned is that they block your natural detoxification system, and thus "destroy your body."

If you have to use antiprespirants, you need to make sure you get ones that don't use aluminum, and as someone else said, just use normal deoderant. So much better for you, and it gets the job done.


Health professionals are divided on the pros and cons of usinf Deodarants and Antiperspirants. I was amazed to find out contradicting material on some very authentic websites. So here's the solution.
If you want to avoid some or all of these chemicals yet remain welcome in polite society, what are your options? You can seek antiperspirants which contain fewer of the offending chemicals (e.g., unscented, without antibacterials, aluminiun chlorie) or use a deodorant part of the time rather than an antiperspirant as deodorants do not clog pores and do not stop the sweat, they only kill the odor producing bacteria hence killing the sweat odor .

What's your take on the matter? How did you find my small lil research?



  1. Thanks for the info. Do antiperspirants stop odor as well? (I guess I can assume so, because it stops sweating. But still, I wonder.) I did not know there was health debates over antiperspirants though. That's interesting. Another solution I can think of is wearing sleeveless tanks, and wearing deodorants.
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  2. You guesses it right, Yes, they stop sweating and body odor both. Liked ur solutions! :)

  3. oh wow good info here alot i didnt know. thanks for sharing this