Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lipsticks by Just Gold!!

You might have spotted this brand here and there but the reason I bought the lipsticks was that I fell in love with the shades while making payment on the cash counter of the local mart as they were displayed right beside it.

Starting from packaging,it's fair! Nothing too classy not cheap! I would have rendered it more towards Classy, had the golden colored writing not diminished within a week of using.

The shades I have are 152 and 174

Here's how 152 translates onto my lips

such a yummy nude pink.. no?

..and there goes 174

Talking about performance.. these lipsticks are heavily pigmented and have a creamy. They virtually stick to my lipsticks but have a tendency to turn feathery after 2 hours or so, therefore better wear them after moisturizing your lips. They have a crayon-like smell which is not unbearable but it might turn sickening for some. I top them with some fruity gloss to kill that smell! ;)
I have been wearing them off and on mainly for the creamy texture and lasting power..!
Over all, these are nice, low budget,not much-high quality, drugstore lipsticks. Nothing fancy, plain and simple!

Brand: Just Gold
Product: Lipsticks
Pros: Heavily pigmented, creamy, lasts for around 3 hours.
Cons: Crayon like, waxy smell, turns feathery
Price: I don't exactly remember the price but I guess I bought it for OMR 1.2 which would equal around PKR 300/$3. I am sure prices vary from country to country..

Do you own any Just Gold lipsticks? Do you like them? Share your opinion in the comments below. I love you all!!


  1. shades n price.. <3 packaging is so cheap, may be they have fakes in oman too :P

  2. Lovely shades, pretty inexpensive..but i wish their smell was a little better :)

  3. I really like "just gold".Its so affordable n offers so many colors.I love the pink one.Great swatch.Looking great on u xoxoxo

  4. nice shades looks great on you :)

  5. I don't understand what "turns feathery" means, but sounds pretty bad. I do like the creamy texture though. Pretty colors too.

    1. Feathery is when the lipstick starts flaking on your lipsticks and starts coming off in lil feathers.

  6. Beautiful lip color.*__*
    Thanks,for the follow. Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  7. Well i don't have just gold lipsticks but have several of their lip glosses and i love them.Thnx for sharing.I'm definitely going to buy these.

  8. I have one of them- It's shade 774, which is essentially a darker pink. It's probably my go-to shade! And for those times I feel it's really dry, I just make sure to use EOS or any moisturizing lipbalm under it before applying the lipstick! c: