Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Body Shop BB Cream

I am excited to post my first ever BB Cream review.. yeah! the very first but hey! better late than never.
Under the spotlight is The Body Shop all ine one BB cream.
I am the kind of person who tends to form the first impression on packaging and general sheen and shine of the packaging andlick silver here, I was expecting too much from this sleek silver tube!

 Isn't it beautiful?!

It smells of rose when applied and the smell is too strong but it doesn't linger on and dies within half an hour of applying. The consistency is neither thick nor thin. Upon opening you find this mud colored cream with tiny buds which look like exfoliating beads but these are infact color adjusting particles. This cream adjusts itself flawlessly on your skin. My hands skin is a lil darker than my face skin and I tried it on both. It passed the test of color adjustment..

Coming to coverage: Its very low coverage. Its not even sheer rather its zero coverage. It would give you the kinda dewy finished look which you can get with any good tinted moisturizer. It claims to be moisturizing which it is but that's not what you apply a BB cream for! I applied it on my face during the days when my face was an oil rig and it neither made it oilier not had any mattifying effect. After applying it for over 8 hours, I didn't get any breakouts.

Coming to my biggest turn-off it DOES NOT have SPF! Yes! this is the department where I would fail it as a BB cream!
Over all.. it's a fairly good tinted moisturizer and not a BB cream for sure with no coverage and no SPF. I would not go for spending PKR 2100 or so for a cream where I can get a way better one in way less money, my sister bought it from PBBC (Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community) Blog Sale for PKR  1000 from the lovely blogger Anila Faruk and I am so glad we didn't get it off the rack! ;)

Pros: moisturizing, color adjusting
Cons:: Doesn't have SPF, Zero Coverage, you have to apply foundation, concealer separately

Did you try this BB Cream? What was your experience? Which BB Cream is your favorite one?
Ht back in a comment. I love you all! <3
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